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WholeSite™ Framework for PHP : Overview

WholeSite™ Framework is a template engine built for easy, fast and flexible website development. By incorporating friendly urls the engine is optimized for SEO, getting your site into the top searches.

The Framework incorporates our Content Management System or 'CMS' the WholeSite™ Cloud CMS. Wholesite™ Cloud CMS is a Cloud based hosted Content Management Platform, no installation, server maintenance or upgrades are required by you. When an upgrade is available everyone has instant access to it. By combining the power of our Cloud with the Framework you can easily develop and manage your website in no time.

The Framework uses our very own technology that enables the use special HTML tags similar to the Microsoft style syntax. In the near future we will have a Framework for C# and .NET.

How do I get this Framework?

  1. Login with an existing WholeSite™ Single Sign On account, or setup a new account by registering with us at developer.wholesite.com/register.
  2. Download the latest Framework from your account. (There is a tab called 'Downloads')
  3. Setup the Framework (It's a website) on your server, or local machine (Try WAMP Server (HERE) for a local installation)
  4. Visit your new site!

I have it running now what?

Once you have the Framework setup and running and you can see it from your Internet Browser. You can start getting familiar with the folder structure and template system.

The folder structure of the Framework from the root looks like so.

The '_content' folder is where you will be putting all of your images, javascript, style sheets and most other files for your website. The other folder '_cache' is a WholeSite folder, where it temporarily stores files to speed up your website and reduce the burden on your server. The 'WholeSite' folder contains all the inner workings of the Framework. Periodically we will provide updates to this so you can gain new features within the Framework. Next we have a few files, but the most important are 'WholeSiteConfig.php' and 'WholeSiteUserCode.php'. In 'WholeSiteConfig.php' you will setup specifics like licenses, site ID's, caching and more. Next is 'WholeSiteUserCode.php' within this file you can place any custom functions and code you like, you also need to tell the system which template to load based on the URL.

Here are the contents of '_content'.

The content folder is essentially the 'root' of your website. In the illustration above you can see an '.htaccess' file, it contains all the redirects to let the clients know that the '_content' folder contains all the web files it needs to display the website.

This is where all the template magic begins. Be sure to read the Template Docs to find out more on the WholeSite™ Template Engine.

Time for a snack...more to come.

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